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eurabia the euro arab axis bat ye or 9781611473148 - eurabia the euro arab axis bat ye or on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this book is about the transformation of europe into eurabia a cultural and political appendage of the arab muslim world eurabia is fundamentally anti christian, the dhimmi jews christians under islam bat ye or - in the age of twitter facebook and college students raised on adderall and karl marx i ll keep this review short if you want to know about islam its goals for the world and its views of non muslims then read this book, islamist nightmare scenarios markhumphrys com - the axis of evil the term the axis of evil was introduced in the state of the union address by bush january 29 2002 see discussion of origins at that time there were 3 unfree countries trying to develop nuclear weapons iran iraq and north korea hence the logical use of the term the axis of evil focusing on these 3 as the most immediate threat to civilization, interview with fjordman gates of vienna - interview with fjordman note this email interview was first published at the website the apricity i was born in 1975 if i had any islam friendly or pro multicultural viewpoints in norway in the 1990s spending several years in the middle east cured me of this, islamic studies by author non muslim or academic wikipedia - included are prominent authors who have made studies concerning islam the religion and its civilization and the culture of muslim peoples not included are those studies of islam produced by muslim authors meant primarily for a muslim audience, nebuchadnezzar s statue dream wordexplain - head of gold daniel stated that nebuchadnezzar ii was the king of kings the head of gold dan 2 36 38 gold is the metal of highest value in nebuchadnezzar s dream nebuchadnezzar had absolute authority the authority of the subsequent kingdoms diminishes though in fact their size increases, history of jihad against the british from 1850 onwards - this site is dedicated to frank and fearless reporting and commenting on the islamic jihad here you will read about the history of the islamic jihad from its beginnings at mecca in 620 c e up to 9 11 and the lessons it has for us in today s challenging times, articles by daniel pipes - you re invited join daniel pipes mef on a fact finding mission to poland hungary austria for more information click here, richard von coudenhove kalergi and the genocide of the - you have most likely asked the question why is the european union engaged in such self destructive behaviour normally admitting a hostile dependency class into your member states at an astronomical financial cost is unthinkable, la maison d dition des livres lire et offrir - la maison d dition soutient des crivains engag s publie des livres pour participer aux d bats d id es enrichir la r flexion et faire avancer la soci t, france toward total submission to islam destruction of - the french government and the french justice system claim to treat all religions equally but they treat islam as if it were more equal than others able to enjoy special privileges, does the war of psalm 83 come before the war of ezekiel - related posts gog moves rooks into place for end time chess match this is a very good analysis of the russian georgian conflict by terry james, der prophet des islam - der vertrag mit allah ein muslimischer austauschsch ler aus indonesien f hrt der schweizerischen gastgeberfamile die inkompatibilit t des zusammenlebens zweier v llig unterschiedlicher kulturen vor augen, 20 millionen fl chtlinge wollen nach europa pi news - weltweit konnten im letzten jahr die menschen aus den rmeren l ndern an ihren fernsehbildschirmen beobachten wie t glich tausende fl chtlinge nach europa str mten und ihnen bei der einreise und integration sogar noch geholfen wurde